Spring is on the way! Reserve your flowers now!
Spring is on the way! Reserve your flowers now!
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Stem Bar
Hummingbird Gardens

Stem Bar

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 What is a stem bar?

A stem bar is a collection of freshly picked blooms and foliage that invite folks to choose their favorites, by the stem, to create a bouquet or arrangement. We have done stem bars around town for years and now want to bring them directly to you. Stem bars are a great way to bring seasonal blooms into your bridal shower, baby shower, or other special event. It's different from your usual shower and party activity and can double as your favor. It's like having your own private flower market!

What HBG provides: The freshest blooms and foliage (of course), vases for the stem bar display, and easy to follow instructions for well rounded bouquets and/or arrangements.

We charge a per person fee to ensure you have plenty of flowers for all your guests. We account for 20-25 stems per guest. Separate from this fee is set up and delivery as well as the break down and pick up fee. You can forego these by picking up your stem bar supplies from Hummingbird Gardens and dropping off the vases anytime the week after your event. If you would like set up, pick up, or both, please add these "items" to your cart before checking out.

Stem bars must be pre-ordered with two weeks notice and with a minimum of five people.

Questions? Contact Amanda at amanda(at)hbgrva(dot)com.

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