Cooler Club MONTHLY
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Cooler Club MONTHLY

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Cooler Club is a Community Supported Flowers that is customizeable and fun. 

I've loved doing my bouquet CSA but realized that my time constraints no longer make this feasible. Enter COOLER CLUB. Here's how it works:

1. Choose your share size (full season or monthly)

2. When your share starts, you can shop the cooler at HBG on Fridays and Saturdays. Your share "allowance" is $20 each week. Each bucket will have a dollar amount (most of the time this will be $1/stem). Choose what you'd like within the $20! If you would like to purchase over the $20 there will be a cash box or PayPal payment info.

3. Make sure you bring a bucket with water for your flowers. That's it!

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