herb salts

The Salts:

  • Lemon Basil- hard boiled eggs, roasted veggies, and poultry.

  • Thai Basil- raw veggies (including greens like bok choy), fish, and popcorn.

  • Rosemary Lemon Thyme- popcorn with a little shredded parmesan, all veggies (especially roasted), and crusty bread with olive oil.

  • Garlic Chive- salad greens with some olive oil, salt crust potatoes, or use with chicken and fish.

  • Rose Chili- dark chocolate, raw oysters, steak, as a cocktail rimmer, and in popcorn. Winner of the Best Product Overall Award at the 2018 Virginia Food and Beverage Expo!

 How would you like your business to have its own custom salt? We do that, too! Email amanda@hbgrva.com to get started.



Rose Chili is the Best Product Overall for 2018! 

at the Virginia Food and Beverage Expo

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