As I write this, my 3 week old son is napping in a swing next to me. Chances are he’ll wake up in about 10 minutes and I’ll need to hit pause on writing until the next nap. I’ve had a crash course in working efficiently these past few days. If he’s asleep, I run up to unload the dishwasher and then send emails, pump and then brain dump a to-do list, shove food in my mouth and then wipe down the counters. Oh, and pee! With the door open of course because I’m terrified Silas is going to choke or something the second I look away. But, I digress. Even though being a new mom has taught me that I can get a lot done in a short span, I’ve been planning for efficiency this season long before this point.

I knew I couldn’t spend lots of time driving around and delivering this season as I’ve done in the past. I knew I couldn’t spend a lot of time tracking down new flower clients and dropping off sample buckets. I’ve had to trim a lot off of my list and that has left what is essential to HBG. It feels GOOD. It feels right! So, I wanted to share how flowers are going to work this season. It’s pared down and simple but that is just how things are going to go this season and probably beyond. I’m looking forward to improved focus and I think it’ll help me be fully present when I’m with my kid but also be fully present when I’m not.

Photo credit: Heather Bolan

Photo credit: Heather Bolan

  1. Back to the Yard

    Last year I was fortunate to expand my growing space and work in three additional yards plus my own. It was hard to keep track of everything and I struggled to take proper care of each site. I would have struggled with or without morning sickness and fatigue. It was a lot. I loved producing so many flowers but found that I didn’t have a destination for enough of them that I needed to scale back. So, I’m back to just my yard this year. I’m producing around 20 varieties of flowers and foliage (down from around 60 last season) and am excited to truly focus. I’m trying some new-to-me varieties like Bunny Tails and Frosted Explosion while sticking with some of my favorites like all the Strawflower and Chim Chiminee Rudbekia.

  2. Flower Buckets for DIYers

    I love nothing more than seeing people play with the flowers I grew and make something beautiful of their own creation. I find working with flowers really therapeutic and fun. Seeing other people work with their hands to create something beautiful totally makes my day. I’ve had folks purchase DIY buckets mainly for weddings but also for events like a special brunch (Hi Leigh!), a baby shower, or a rehearsal dinner. It’s really fun for me to pack a bucket full of whatever is most vibrant and fresh in the garden. I have some dates reserved just for my flower bucket friends so if you’re interested in reserving DIY buckets, check out the Flowers page (click here!).

  3. Friday Flowers at HBG

    One big update that I haven’t said much about yet is that we’ve had a small cooler room built off of our garage so that I can better harvest and store my flowers. This means I can do smaller harvests multiple days instead of one big harvest day and then try to sell all the blooms. Efficiency! I also want to keep the community feel going. I’ve usually done this by letting folks come to the garden and pick their own flowers. This year I’m instead going to let people shop the cooler on Friday afternoons/early evenings. You can start your weekend off with flowers! If you are visiting a friend or have somewhere you’re going flowers make a great host gift (obvi). Even better if they’re local! I may not have flowers every Friday so I will post on all social media every Friday whether the cooler will be open. You’ll pay by the bunch and can purchase with cash or credit card! I’m so looking forward to welcoming folks to the garden on a more regular basis.

  4. River City Flower Exchange!

    This one’s a biggie my friends. This. Is. Efficiency!!

    Myself and my flower friend Jenn of Field Day Creative have launched this one stop local flower market to make it easier for local floral professionals to buy flowers grown right around the Richmond area. We have TWELVE farmers on board for our first season and we couldn’t be more excited. We launch April 17th! We plan to hold retail hours on the days that product does not sell out during wholesale hours. Follow @rivercityflowerexchange for updates! All of my flowers will be heading here on Wednesday mornings. Anything not sold at the market will be available on Fridays in the cooler here at home!

RCFE_Logo Final.jpg

So there you have it! That’s my plan this season. Thank you so much for your continued love and support. Please share with anyone you think may be in need (or want!) of local blooms for their events or maybe they just want some flowers around! Spring is almost here and I can hardly wait!



Chim Chiminee Rudbekia

Chim Chiminee Rudbekia