The picture above is of a garden that supplied multiple restaurants, shops, and people with herbs as well as edible and cut flowers for the better part of 2016. Before that, HBG was envisioned as just one example for what can happen when the land available in our suburban landscape is used for production.

At any given day, you'll find multiple species of bees as well as tons of birds (SO MANY BIRDS), and enough butterflies to lift you out of a sour mood. After turning the yard into a garden, neighbors have slowed as they walk by (so have cars- luckily our street is pretty quiet), children have visited, and lots of people have lended a hand to make this piece of earth pretty great. 

While supplying other businesses with harder to find items they can use to boost their menu is absolutely awesome, it's only part of the point. This garden is the vehicle to connecting to the land available, the people nearby, and a satisfying job and lifestyle that is grounded and meaningful. My hope is that others can see this and be inspired. Do you need to dig up your whole front yard and puzzle your neighbors? No! But, you can grow some food for yourself and our pollinators that are responsible for making so many delicious things possible in the first place. You can step outside and tell yourself that you grew that. You can inspire others to do it too.

Where did the name Hummingbird Gardens come from? First, my grandma, our family gardener was obsessed with them. Second, watch the video below!