It's finally here! Last week was the first week of the Herby Chef CSA, wherein 6 restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries have signed on to receive a box of herbs, edible flowers, and the odd veggie from Hummingbird Gardens. To be able to finally go to the restaurants with a box full of herb wads was pretty exciting. Add to it my oldest friend visiting and harvesting with me! 

The first boxes included; chamomile, winter savory, violas, and lemon thyme. Lemon Thyme is probably my favorite herb but lately I have been snacking on the chamomile greens in the yard. These guys were teeny tiny plants last year and now they've exploded. Chamomile is tasty AND adorable. It's also very mild, as are the violas. The winter savory and lemon thyme add punchy and spicy flavors, making it a well rounded first week. 

I was excited to start seeing what my partner restaurants were doing with the herbs. Hannah at dal-kohm made a viola sugar that looks like the springiest purple. The folks at Toast made a lemon thyme cream sauce for one of their specials (YUM). And, Perk put the chamomile leaves in their salads and flowers on their scones. Everything looked so delicious. It never gets old seeing what you grew on someone's plate, whether it's at a restaurant or in your own home. Nothing compares to how good that feels. 

So! For the remaining 19 weeks of the Herby Chef CSA, please be sure to check out my friends and restaurant partners. See what they come up with for yourself! 

Here's the Herby Chef crew!

Be sure to come see me at the Market at Magnolia Green starting Saturday, June 3rd at 8am!